Raw Magick Media


RAW MAGICK MEDIA was founded by Craig de Gouveia and Vanessa Nova in 2011. We operate as a location independent boutique digital agency, and we serve clients all over the world.

Our team enjoys working with forward-thinking businesses and individuals who share our vision of making a positive impact in our world and society.

We are committed to working with you to create fresh, professional, and dynamic solutions, so you can go out into the world with a strong visual image and an action plan that will help you to grow your client base and generate abundance for you and your business.


RAW MAGICK MEDIA offers customized, professional design solutions for a broad range of print and web marketing. We provide everything you need for your business to reach your target market effectively. This includes designing your logo, business cards, brochures, website, labels and packaging, promotional videos, and even comprehensive branding packages.

We also offer content creation and social media management services so that you can focus on running your business, while we make sure you are reaching your target audience through social media channels.


Our definition of magick is simple: “to turn nothing into something, and to turn something into something else.”

What we do is comparable to taking raw construction materials and using them to build a house, or taking raw ingredients and turning them into a delicious meal. Our team of digital alchemists will capture the essence of what your brand represents, and turn it into a product that will generate more income for your business.

Please visit our portfolio to see our latest work, view the packages we offer, or get in touch to request a quote.